During times of crisis, we too appreciate that its only facts that matter most. A biological hazard is one among many hazards as outlined in the National Emergency Response Plan and SOPs 2014. On declaration of a global pandemic, therefore, these other hazards do not cease to exists nor do their probability of occurrence decrease.

The fact is that the risk of exposure and probability of occurrence of natural, man-made and technological hazards will continue to increase, is we do not take action now. Alive to this fact, the National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU) is leveraging on technology to continue sensitizing individuals, communities and organizations on management of common hazards and communicating risks and interventions to that effect.

We have gone virtual; it is a journey we must travel together with our stakeholders. Let us know if you require our team to sensitize your staff online or physically through our official email address info.ndmu@disastermanagement.go.ke