Awareness Campaigns on Specific hazards or All-hazards Awareness

National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU, in collaboration with stakeholders, has endeavored to conduct Awareness Campaigns aimed at creating awareness on Prevention, mitigation, preparedness and management of common hazards like Fire. For instance, NDMU in collaboration with stakeholders conducts a Fire Safety and Management Awareness Campaign annually during the first week of August. The key driving force has been the NDMU slogan of 80% concentration of resources in Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness while leaving 20% for Response and Recovery.

If your institution organizes such an Awareness Campaign and you so wish that NDMU takes part in the noble endeavor, do not hesitate to write to us using any of the addresses below:

Inspector General

National Police Service

Taifa Road, Jogoo House “A”

P.O Box 44249-00100




National Disaster Management Unit

P.O. Box 300833 –00100