Mr. Francis Wanjohi Mwangi, MBS, OGW

The Director is the CEO of the institution, oversees all the functions of the Unit in additional to director roles.

National Disaster Management Unit

Dr. Duncan Onyango Ochieng, PhD, CP

Deputy Director

National Disaster Management Unit

ICT, Research and Planning

NDMU leverages so much on technology, evidence based process to inform interventions and strategies for risk reduction and enhancement of preparedness for effective response and building back better in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction. This is the team that endeavors to link science and technology with disaster risk reduction for resilience.

The Department is led by Dr. Duncan Ochieng, PhD, CP; who’s also the Deputy Director; assisted by AA Onchiri as the Deputy Head of ICT, Planning, Training and Research.


Administration, Finance and HRM

This department deals with matters general administration, finance and human resource management. The Head of Department is Mr. Cyrus Muturi Maina.


This department undertakes a broad range of activities spanning from mitigation, risk reduction & preparedness to response & recovery.

The Head of Operations Department is Mr. Barsdley Nyange, ASP